Stand Out

The Concept of Mattering – Why It’s Important to College Students

Working with college students and new grads daily running Career Onward, a personalized career advisory company, we knew that mental health and support play significant roles in the transition outcomes from college to a career. Yet, we also understood there was more to it – we had more to learn. I wasn’t familiar with the […]

5 Skills You Can Build This Summer, That Employers Actually Want!

  Summer is a great time to learn something new.  We’ve done the heavy lifting and curated great sites to help you get started. Some of these are free, others are cheap, and a few are pricey, yet intensive and highly respected. Udemy                 […]

Interview Accessories that Build Confidence

Now that we’re working with our 4th college graduation class, we realized it helps to have a checklist for interviews to insure you will have everything you need to be successful at Career Fairs, campus, and on-site interviews. Here’s what we recommend: Portfolio (black or brown, ideally leather, that includes pad of paper, pen and a […]

How to Create a Student Business Card

Why do you need business cards? We want you to stand out among all the other candidates. People that present business cards to professionals are more likely to get one in return. This also makes you more memorable when they return to the office. When do you use business cards? Career fairs, networking events, information […]

The Job Search Process – Where Do I Start?

A blank piece of paper can be inspiring or intimidating, a clean slate or a lack of ideas. The start of the job search process looks like a big white space to most college students and new college grads. Before you “do something” which typically means applying to a myriad of jobs you know little […]

The Value of Volunteering Off-Campus

Many college students spend a significant amount of time trying to fit in. When it comes to the job search process, the goal is the opposite. How do I stand out from the crowd? One of the easiest and most meaningful ways is to determine where you volunteer your time and what skills you build or […]

Are You Considering Growth when Choosing a Career Path?

Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been so much disruption in the global labor market. The share economy (uber, Airbnb…) didn’t exist 10 years ago. Driverless vehicles, consumer space flight, and new artificial intelligence and virtual reality applications will forever change careers in many diverse industries including law and medicine. Historically, the top earning […]

Balance Your Hard Skills with In-Demand Soft Skills

Employers will be the first to admit that effective soft skills in combination with proven hard skills are the key to success. This is especially true for students pursuing internships and entry level positions post graduation as most jobs will require team and project based work. I get asked often, what are soft skills and […]

3 Tips for Successful Holiday Networking

The holidays are a time of merriment and good cheer, so it’s a great networking opportunity to meet or re-connect with extended family and friends in a low stress social setting. Your goal – articulate a 30 second pitch so you can follow-up with a nice LinkedIn note and a request for an informational meeting […]

Hone Skills Employers Want Over the Holidays

We understand that your top priorities when thinking about the winter break involve sleep, family, friends, and fun outings. Yet, with almost a month of unstructured time available, it’s a great time to jump online and learn some new tools or increase your skill level on others. Search YouTube and Google for free training resources […]

Networking – Top Priority in the Job Search Process

Growing up, my dad often communicated three valuable pieces of career advice: Be curious – ask professionals what they do and why they enjoy their work Ask for help and help others when asked Treat people the way you want to be treated – one day they may work for you or you may work […]

3 Tips for Tapping the Hidden Job Market

I am a witness to the reality that 60-70%+ of all jobs are not posted. As a personalized career advisor for college students and new grads, I routinely get calls from friends and colleagues asking if I can refer someone with a particular skill set. This is also why we have our clients spend a […]