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The College Job Search Season is Here – Are you Linking In?

Late winter/early spring is a busy time for college students – first rounds of exams coupled with the start of the annual job search process. Take advantage of career fairs, company networking events, and panels of speakers at club meetings as they all provide great opportunities to meet people and collect business cards. Be sure […]

Make Sure Your Resume Makes an Impact – Don’t Just Say What You Did

It’s December – that time of year when students search their archive folder for a resume, add last summer’s internship, study abroad, and/or service project, and blast it out with a cover letter to a variety of employers in hopes of getting an internship or full-time job after graduation.  This annual ritual repeats itself across […]

Top 10 Hot Jobs for New College Grads

As we all know, new college grads continue to have a much higher unemployment and underemployment rate than the rest of the population. Given this reality, it helps to understand what careers are in demand and will continue to be in the years to come. The University of California, San Diego just conducted their 5th […]

Salary Negotiation – Do It, You Are Worth It

As a girl growing up amidst the corn fields of southern Indiana, I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to have a father who “talked business” with me until much later in life. We would discuss company profits, the challenges of the manufacturing sector, and the importance of a good education along with many other […]

Top 7 Reasons to Initiate Informational Interviews

One of the best ways to find out about an industry, company, or specific position is to meet and talk with people in careers you are considering.  No one else can give you better insights to the opportunities and challenges in the industry and within a company The idea of “informational interviews” was conceived by […]

Recruiters Using Social Media – The Increase in Importance May Surprise You

I understand as a business owner how important social media is to my company in terms of hiring as I review online profiles and LinkedIn recommendations on a routine basis. I also know how critical a robust online presence is as recruiters reach out to me directly regarding opportunities or to connect with me to […]

Cover Letters – A Blessing and a Curse

I have yet to find anyone who enjoys writing cover letters, yet they are just as important as the resume in terms of moving you one step closer to an interview. In fact, the cover letter provides an opportunity to more creatively tell your story. Think of the cover letter this way: C – Call […]

Twitter – How it Can Help Your Job Search

Most people think 140 characters when the social network Twitter is mentioned. What people should think about is how Twitter can be used for company research and the hunt for internships and jobs. Tips for using Twitter in the Job Search: Follow your university’s career center – If your career center doesn’t currently have a […]

I Think I Can – The Power of Positive Thinking as Interviews Begin for College Students

I admit it…I love Pinterest. I enjoy seeing the creativity of others, pinning another DIY project on my board that probably will never get started, and adding to my must read book list. My favorite though, is finding, reflecting on, and keeping inspirational quotes, posters, and artwork for reference. As the interview season begins for […]

Great Read for Parents and Students Alike – Daring Greatly

I don’t know about you, but when I think about interviews – vulnerability comes to mind. That’s probably why interviewing is considered one of life’s stressful activities as you open yourself up to judgment, comparison, and subjective evaluation. The definition of vulnerability is: the state of being vulnerable or exposed; “his vulnerability to litigation”; “his […]

News You Can Use – Weekly Update

By Friday, almost everyone I know is ready for a break (including me). I longingly look to each  weekend as they provide open time for me to pursue one of my passions – reading. To make it easier to get a snapshot of what’s happening, I’ll provide a summary of curated  articles as they relate […]

Job Hunting During College – It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

Just like most things in life, the internship and job hunting process in college should be viewed and experienced as a journey, not a sprint. Sadly, the reality is that most college students put off building their “foundation” until senior year, which translates to more work and stress on top of what’s already a jam-packed […]