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I Think I Can – The Power of Positive Thinking as Interviews Begin for College Students

I admit it…I love Pinterest. I enjoy seeing the creativity of others, pinning another DIY project on my board that probably will never get started, and adding to my must read book list. My favorite though, is finding, reflecting on, and keeping inspirational quotes, posters, and artwork for reference. As the interview season begins for […]

Great Read for Parents and Students Alike – Daring Greatly

I don’t know about you, but when I think about interviews – vulnerability comes to mind. That’s probably why interviewing is considered one of life’s stressful activities as you open yourself up to judgment, comparison, and subjective evaluation. The definition of vulnerability is: the state of being vulnerable or exposed; “his vulnerability to litigation”; “his […]

News You Can Use – Weekly Update

By Friday, almost everyone I know is ready for a break (including me). I longingly look to each  weekend as they provide open time for me to pursue one of my passions – reading. To make it easier to get a snapshot of what’s happening, I’ll provide a summary of curated  articles as they relate […]

Job Hunting During College – It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

Just like most things in life, the internship and job hunting process in college should be viewed and experienced as a journey, not a sprint. Sadly, the reality is that most college students put off building their “foundation” until senior year, which translates to more work and stress on top of what’s already a jam-packed […]

The Virtual Interview – The New Reality for College Recruiting

Interviews are stressful enough, but now college students must navigate new online recruiting tools to sell themselves to recruiters and hiring managers. Due to decreased HR and travel budgets, ease of use, and time savings, many companies are turning to video conferencing tools to screen potential hires before moving to traditional face-to-face interviews in later […]

Social Networks – Changing the Way Recruiters Search for Qualified Candidates

We all know that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the Big 3 when it comes to the number of people using these platforms.  In fact, LinkedIn just hit a major milestone – over 200 million users. What most people don’t know is how these social networking sites are dramatically changing the way recruiters search for […]

Let’s Start Talking Careers…Earlier

It’s interesting as parents how much time and effort we spend focused on academic achievement, college exam performance, and ensuring our kid’s resume is filled with extracurricular and service activities so they get in to the “right” college. Yet we rarely, if ever, talk to our kids about their passions and dreams and how that […]

Why Reputation Management is Important

Teens are impulsive and self-absorbed – they post their thoughts, photos, and videos of the latest party, music festival, or Vegas trip without a second thought.  Chances are, they never go back and read what they wrote as they are off to the next new experience. The reality is that it’s difficult to delete content […]

How to Research a Company Before You Apply – 5 Things to Do

Since it’s more difficult than ever to get past a “phone screen”, it’s important that you focus on company research well before you contact a company, apply for a job online, or sign up for a campus interview. 5 Things To Do: Visit the company website – Take a an overall tour and pay special […]

8 Tips for Your Resume to Stand Out From the Crowd

Even in this digital world, a quality resume is still essential to your job search. And in a competitive market, it’s important to stand out from other job seekers. Once you have the basics covered —your resume has a clean look, it’s passed your grammar and spell check, and clearly presents your skills and experience, […]

College is The Time to Experiment

As parents, we all know that high school and college is a time of experimentation and we tend to shudder at the thought of our children testing boundaries and taking risks. Within the 14-22 age group, we tend to look at experiments as a negative process and outcome. The definition of experiment is: a scientific […]