Stand Out

Dress the Part for Your Career Fair and Interviews

We’ve all heard the familiar adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For better or worse, this is accurate, especially as it relates to career fairs and interviews. As the world becomes more casual, it’s hard to determine when business professional or business casual attire is appropriate. We’ve made it easy! Check out […]

Stand Out at Your Career Fair with Student Business Cards

Career Fairs are a challenge as there are so many people to meet and so little time! Make the most of your college career fair by presenting business cards to recruiters and hiring managers in addition to your resumes, as you will reap the benefits. The benefits are many: Recruiters know you planned ahead More […]

What Company Culture Fits You Best?

What things are you looking for with company culture? There’s been a big shift from cubicles to collaborative workspaces and 8-5pm work days in the office to flexible schedules and remote offices. As work environments continue to evolve, it’s important for students to think about what company culture and work setting will allow them to […]

What are Soft Skills and Why do They Matter?

Employers want students with soft skills – what does that mean? Every week there’s a news article about the need for college students to have effective communication and interpersonal skills. But, what does that really mean? How do you acquire and then demonstrate these skills to employers? Let’s focus on 5 key communication skills employer’s […]

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day weekend! Did you know this holiday was created to celebrate the contributions of American workers – 125M and counting. If you’re searching for a job, be sure to check this link here to see what industry sectors are growing or shrinking. You always want to be with a company and industry that is growing!  

Invest in Yourself

Invest 30 minutes in yourself and find out what your strengths are with Strength Finders 2.0. Plus, it’s a top 5 business book and employers may ask about your results. Take the online assessment here and get immediate results or order the book online here to get your access code! Then go celebrate as you learned something […]

5 Career Fair Tips for College Students – Planning and Practice are Keys to Success

Yes, we know, it’s hard to get excited about Career Fairs. They are stressful, overwhelming, you may be competing against your classmate or good friend for face time with the recruiter, and it’s impossible to talk to all the companies that attend and be memorable. There are just too many people and not enough time. […]

Thinking About Your Future: What industries or markets do you like?

Now that you’ve decided where you want to live or the city you want to target, it’s time to think about the industries and markets you may want to work in. Yes we know, it’s a big, complicated question!  Let’s break it down into small parts (peeling the onion as I say) so you can […]

Thinking Of Your Future: Where Do You Want To Live?

“It’s the most dreaded question at a family reunion, party or lake house weekend with friends and family. What’s your career plan? Feelings of fear and anxiety begin to arise as you answer something along the lines of, “I’m still figuring it out”. The job search process is always going to be a little stressful, […]

Job Search Tips: What Companies Do You Love?

Everyone has a brand affinity or obsession with a product or company – think about your sleek water bottle, favorite cooler or new mobile app. Why not research these companies first when starting your job search process? Your passion for the product will be apparent in your communications and interviews. Do what you love! What companies do you want […]

Choosing a College Major – 5 Tips to Taking a Different Approach

The stats on college majors are surprising to both students and parents alike. Over 50% of students who have declared a major in college will change it at least once, many up to 3 times Cost of changing a major is significant, $15,000+ due to delayed graduation and lost wages These sobering stats demonstrate that […]

3 New Life Skills for this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take on side projects that will look good on your resume and make you a better you! Here are 3 ideas with free resources to help you get started!   Learn a language Being fluent in another language is almost invaluable. It makes you more of an asset to […]