How to Research a Company Before You Apply – 5 Things to Do

Since it’s more difficult than ever to get past a “phone screen”, it’s important that you focus on company research well before you contact a company, apply for a job online, or sign up for a campus interview.

5 Things To Do:

  1. Visit the company website – Take a an overall tour and pay special attention to the About section to get a good understanding of the company’s mission, culture, and leadership team
  2. Check to get high level company information and their competitors
  3. Go to and enter the company name to get the latest articles and press information on the target company
  4. Check to see if you or anyone in your network is connected to a contact at your target company.  Remember, it’s critical that you are on LinkedIn and have a professional, up-to-date profile first
  5. Follow your target companies on social media so you get all the recent news


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