Let’s Start Talking Careers…Earlier

It’s interesting as parents how much time and effort we spend focused on academic achievement, college exam performance, and ensuring our kid’s resume is filled with extracurricular and service activities so they get in to the “right” college. Yet we rarely, if ever, talk to our kids about their passions and dreams and how that ties to jobs and careers after college.

The good news is that contrary to what you may believe, high school and college students seek advice about careers from their parents more than friends and teachers combined.  Both the challenge and the opportunity is for parents is to get informed, as the rules have changed.  Social media profiles, online recruiting tools, and even the types of jobs that are available today didn’t exist when we began the hunt for our first job.

I’ve spent the majority of my career as an online marketing and social media strategist helping clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits build their brands online using social media and online communities to tell their stories. After having mentored hundreds of young people and hired/managed interns and new college graduates globally, I realized that young people can build their own brand and increase their chances for internships and jobs if they have a personal strategy, focus on building their network early, manage their online reputation, and use clubs and organizations as a place to experiment with building skill sets and peering into industry options.

We’re all in this together, as we have success if our children find success. I want Career Onward to be a valuable resource for parents and students alike.  We offer free up-to-the-minute career information as it relates to social media, online reputation management, and new recruiting tools so you and your student can talk the same language.

We also offer consulting services to work one-on-one with students to build career strategies and personal branding plans that uniquely position and showcase their skills. We’ll deliver value by holding the students accountable, giving honest feedback, and setting milestones to ensure that execution happens.

Isn’t our end goal to raise productive, empathetic, and passionate world citizens who get to use their unique set of gifts and skills to create new solutions, solve tomorrow’s problems, and impact the world in a positive way?

Let’s start talking…early and often.

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