Twitter – How it Can Help Your Job Search

Most people think 140 characters when the social network Twitter is mentioned. What people should think about is how Twitter can be used for company research and the hunt for internships and jobs.

Tips for using Twitter in the Job Search:

  1. Follow your university’s career center – If your career center doesn’t currently have a Twitter presence, follow ones that do -Harvard, Indiana, Wisconsin, Syracuse and NYU are schools that actively share jobs, tips and articles on Twitter

  2. Follow career handles of companies that are of interest to you – Google, Microsoft, GE, Facebook all share photos, videos, job information, and more.  Engage with their brand, ask a question, or retweet a great post

  3. Follow third party job related companies on Twitter  – BuddingUp, SimplyHired, InternQueen, iGradJobs and Indeed are just a few of the companies that post intern and new college grad jobs every day via Twitter

  4. Search for internships and jobs – Here are just a few of the many hashtags you can use: #internships #intern #jobs #hiring #entrylevel #career

  5. Tweet your LinkedIn profile– Take the initiative and send corporate or agency recruiters a link to your profile and ask about internships and jobs if you are truly interested in the company and don’t see postings on their website or social media platforms.  Caution: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is professional and current!

  6. Stay in touch with hiring managers and recruiters – If you meet a hiring manager or recruiter during a club meeting, career fair, or networking event, give them a business card with your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle on it and ask if they are on Twitter. Follow them as a way to stay connected.

How have you used Twitter in your job search?

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