Make Sure Your Resume Makes an Impact – Don’t Just Say What You Did

It’s December – that time of year when students search their archive folder for a resume, add last summer’s internship, study abroad, and/or service project, and blast it out with a cover letter to a variety of employers in hopes of getting an internship or full-time job after graduation.  This annual ritual repeats itself across dorm rooms, apartments, and sorority/fraternity houses nationwide.

Sadly, over 50% of students do not search out feedback on their resume from college career counselors, career advisors, mentors, or even parents before submission. Before sending out your latest resume, make sure it contains numbers that tell a story and translates to skills valuable to the employer.


Social Committee Chair  – Responsible for planning events throughout the year


Responsible for event planning, contract negotiation, social media marketing, and successful execution of 8 events/year, 600+ attendees/event, managing a $40,000 annual budget


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