Four Tips for Video Interview Preparation

Now that every laptop comes with a built-in webcam, video interviewing is now a convenient and cost-effective alternative for employers to use – especially during the screening process. Makes sure you’re ready!

  1. Practice using the technology and get comfortable with it – know how the audio and video controls work, what you look like, and where to look when the interview begins. You want to project confidence and credibility.
  2. Consider image and the interview environment—dress professionally as a video interview is an interview.  Remove items from your desk or wall prior to the interview that may be a distraction, silence your phone and turn off your music
  3. Test all settings and connections beforehand—make sure the settings are optimized and connections are working prior to the interview. If you know the Internet connection in your room is poor, select a quiet area ahead of time and test there.
  4. Be prepared for a system hiccup—have a Plan B ready in case the technology fails during a video interview. For example, have your cell phone ready to use in case the connection is bad or the call drops. Being prepared and making a smooth transition to another method in light of unexpected problems can impress an employer.

With the proper preparation you can stand out from the crowd and make video interviews work for you.

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