Part II: Post Career Fair Findings

If you had internet in the early years, you may recall how frustrating it was waiting for dial up to connect you to the internet. Aside from the foreign screeching sounds, not being able to use the house phone, and the abysmally slow connection, dial up was my one source to the outside world that was worth the wait. That sums up how I feel currently after attending a career fair where most of the jobs were for internships, teaching positions, or careers totally unrelated to the field I am currently studying. 

The searching part thus far has been tiresome and frankly annoying. If you caught my last blog, I recently attended a career fair. To update you on the event, I went alone – which I felt like I needed to do to feel like the “big girl” that I am. The main advice I utilized was to wait until I visited recruiters for jobs I was moderately interested in before I worked my way up to speaking with the recruiters representing the jobs I most desire. I have to tell you, that was great advice. I was extremely nervous talking to the first recruiters for a teaching job. I stumbled a bit over my words, every sentence had awkward phrasing, I could not think of anything to ask and didn’t have anything written down. The job I wanted however, went off almost flawlessly (after practicing two more times with other companies of course.) I was able to look him in the eye the entire time he talked without feeling completely awkward, I asked knowledgeable questions about the business to let them know I knew about the company and I took them up on an opportunity to mix and mingle with current employers the following evening.  I even made sure to throw in a few things about his life to make it more personal. Even if I do not get that particular job, I learned a lot about my ability to speak well with others in nerve-racking situations. I was a bit disappointed that most employers were looking for interns, but that’s okay  – I am still on the hunt.

The next step in the job search process I hope will be an interview. I should have good news for you, but either way, I will give you the break down about all the prep and processes behind an interview.

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