Part III: I Applied To My Dream Job, Now What?

After having a senior in college, almost graduating meltdown, I realized maybe I should be a bit more patient about the job search process.  At a certain point, I even wished I had majored in something that offered more job security, not Journalism.

My senior year of high school, I attended a job conference in Dallas wherein a panel by current staff from the Dallas Morning News basically told the room that Journalism was dying and that the over achieving young writers in the room should all find another passion.  As if that’s a good suggestion for anyone. I, of course, did not heed their advice. I did however, realize a few things from the jaded journalists a pink slip away from losing their job.

Sometimes the things we are passionate about are not the most lucrative and we have to take a chance. If you’ve been following my blog the last few weeks, you know that I’ve been chronicling my harrowing journey from pre career fair to this final installation of what happens now. If you’re in my shoes and have found very few job prospects at a job fair of 50 plus potential employers, but found one specific job that you could see yourself venturing into after college, here are my 3 recommendations moving forward.

1. Stay diligent, meaning if you really want the job, make sure to check in. Find out how the hiring process works at that company. Get creative – update the employer on projects, classes, etc. that you have initiated on your own.

2. Plan B can sometimes be your ringer, so don’t be afraid to find a job similar to the job you want and go for it now for the purpose of experience. So if you want a job as a manager of a company and only see sales positions or assistant manager positions, go for it and work your way up.

3. Lastly, keep looking! We all have that one job we just have to have, but life isn’t as smooth as we would like it to be and sometimes that one job isn’t the job that wants us as much as we want it. Keep in mind that there are other jobs out there. Like I said in my post career fair post, finding a job is similar to dating, you won’t always find the one after the first date, so don’t be afraid to keep putting yourself out there.

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