10 Tips for a Successful Internship

As parents, we are elated when our kids gain a coveted paid or unpaid internship.  Let’s go beyond the obvious “work hard” and “go above and beyond” advice and discuss specific things students can do to build new skills, gain confidence, and excel.

  • Ask questions early and often (don’t make assumptions, understand the why)
  • Meet with the manager the first week to discuss success criteria
  • Align thoughts, actions, and work with the company culture
  • Show interest outside of the job scope
  • Be thorough – the devil is in the details
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Improve the process (or make recommendations) whenever possible
  • Be nice – remember that executive assistants, recent college grads, and even contractors are often huge influencers within a company
  • Ask for formal feedback in a private setting a minimum of 1/month
  • Use LinkedIn to highlight the summer internship, increase professional connections, gain skill endorsements and get a recommendation from a manager and a peer before the internship ends
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