College Graduation – What a Great Time to Celebrate, Reflect, and Set New Goals

I’m so lucky! I just had one of the most celebratory, memorable weekends of my life as our oldest son graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.

My son got his dream job, gets to stay in the great state of Texas that he loves, is officially “independent” as of July 1 and still has time to squeeze in some travel adventures before starting his new life chapter.

For me, it’s been an emotional roller coaster – a combination of pride, relief, joy, and yet sadness to the reality that my son is never truly coming home again. As part of my “letting go” process, I created a visual journal filled with words of advice from family and friends, favorite quotes and Bible verses, book recommendations, and more in hopes that it will be a source of inspiration and comfort in good times and bad.

With this in mind, I suggest that all college students, not just college grads, take advantage of these summer months to create a bucket list or add goals and dreams to an existing one. Research tells us you’re 30% more likely to achieve something if you write it down so Dream BIG and begin today!

If you are a college grad – congratulations!  Celebrate, reflect, and set new goals.

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