Hiring From the Employer’s Perspective Part 1: Employer’s favorite methods to identify top talent

Since the college year has ended and many are still in search of internships or full-time employment, I thought it’s a good time for us to walk through the career hiring process at a high level. Let’s break it down into 4 steps; The Search, The Selection, The Interview(s), and The Start.

A recent survey was done by Inc. magazine and the results published in their article, Where Money Meets Morale, where they asked America’s fastest growing companies how they hire and retain their best employees.

Job Search Results:

  • Co-worker and peer referrals remain the #1 method to find top talent – 33%
  • Referrals by former colleagues – 27%
  • Social media (especially LinkedIn) has increased to15%
  • Applications through Human Resources -12%
  • Recruiters – 8%.

What do these results mean for college students and recent grads?

First and foremost, it shows that personal relationships matter.

  • Stay in touch with friends who graduate and connect with them on LinkedIn so you are up-to-date on their employer and position within the company
  • Connect with peers and managers via LinkedIn during internships so you expand your network and can easily communicate with them after it ends
  • Build your network with informational interviews throughout your college experience so you can tap their network when the job search starts
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