Hiring From the Employer’s Perspective Part 2: The Selection (how you get picked as the ONE to hire)

As we discussed in Part 1, we want to walk you through the hiring process.

We covered the Job Search first, now we want to discuss The Selection.

A recent survey was done by Inc. magazine and the results published in their article, Where Money Meets Morale, where they asked America’s fastest growing companies how they hire and retain their best employees.

Selection Results:

  • Not surprisingly, the interview is the #1 factor that determines who gets hired – 42%
  • A close second is the subjective assessment for cultural fit – 30%
  • Recommendation from a peer/co-worker – 13%
  • Experience on resume – 5%
  • References – 2%

What does this mean for college students and recent grads?

Interviewing does not come naturally for most people (like public speaking) so practice, practice, and more practice is critical to increase confidence.

Regarding “cultural fit,” this is new for most students and can be heartbreaking if it’s not understood.  Up to this point, students have achieved “success” based on GPA, volunteer and work experience, and willingness to “go for it” in terms of traveling abroad, running for office, or trying something new.

For employers, many students have equivalent academic and extra curricular experience, so they need to assess and differentiate students based on how effectively the student will perform in their work environment.  If a student does not get the job, it is not a referendum on the student’s credentials.  It’s important that parents remind their kids on this often misunderstood but key point.

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