Hiring From the Employer’s Perspective Part 3: The Interview (What’s the Employer’s Approach)

As we discussed in Part 1 & 2, we want to walk you through the hiring process.

We have covered the Job Search and The Selection, now it’s time to focus on The Interview from the employer’s perspective.

A recent survey was done by Inc. magazine and the results published in their article, Where Money Meets Morale, where they asked America’s fastest growing companies how they hire and retain their best employees.

Interview Results:

  • Let the conversation flow – 33%
  • Focus on skills and knowledge – 25%
  • Focus on unique interests and competencies – 16%
  • Focus on personality – 9%
  • Use structured questions – 4%

What do these results mean for college students and recent grads?

Don’t let the word “flow” fool you, as this does not mean meandering or lack of a plan.  The interviewer always has a strategy to assess skills, knowledge, interests, competencies and personality. The key is to know ahead of time how you want to tell your story so it flows naturally within the timeframe scheduled.

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