Hiring From the Employer’s Perspective Part 4: The Start (How to get off to a great start)

As we discussed in Part 1-3, we want to walk you through the hiring process.

We have covered the Job Search, The Selection and The Interview so now we want to focus on the last important step – The Start.

A recent survey was done by Inc. magazine and the results published in their article, Where Money Meets Morale, where they asked America’s fastest growing companies how they hire and retain their best employees.

The Start Results (How do employers acclimate new employees)?

  • Informal mentoring – 48%
  • Formal orientation – 27%
  • Shadow week – 11%
  • Sink or swim – 10%
  • Weekly review – 4%

What does this mean for college students and recent college grads?

These results indicate the new reality – new college grads and interns must develop a plan, have a strategy, and take the initiative when it comes to successful on-boarding with a company.

Just as your job search must be strategic to get results, the same is true once you begin your new job.  Be purposeful as no one cares about your success more than you do!

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