Back to School Means the Start of the Recruiting Season

Every year, college students are shocked to learn that some industries begin recruiting in September. Financial services, management consulting, and accounting firms are usually the first – hosting information sessions the first two weeks of the month and conducting interviews mid-month.  We’re also seeing an increase in restrictiveness this year for resume submissions based on GPA, Honors only programs or a specific major or skill.

What does this mean for students?

  • The early bird gets the worm – it is never too early to start exploring careers, developing skills and looking for internships and jobs
  • Resumes and LinkedIn profiles must be polished early (ideally before school even starts) so students can focus on company research and interview prep
  • Cover letters should be customized for each position
  • Info sessions are important for making personal connections with company recruiters
  • Students need to understand what industries hire on campus vs. other channels as only 11% of all jobs are placed through the career center

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