How Do You Find Your Passion?

As the phrase “follow your passion” continues to be promoted in university lecture halls and popular college blogs alike, we all know that career journeys are complex, long windy roads filled with both pot holes and beautiful mountain vistas.

In fact, we acquire new passions and lose others over time. Most importantly, just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t mean we should build our career around it – especially as a first job out of college.

Start this important process by asking these 5 questions:

What are my strengths?

What activities do I pursue in my spare time?

What people or companies do I admire and why?

When have I done my best work?  Why was it so good?

What do others tell me I’m good at?

Passions are cultivated and can be pursued in many different ways.  Start exploring your passions so you can learn more about yourself and begin to define what path you want to take, both now and down the road.

Happy exploring!

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