Real Life: My Internship Experience – Taylor

taylorgriffinWho: Taylor Griffin
University: University of Texas
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Major: Public relations, Government minor, Business Foundations 
Q: Where did you work and what did they have you doing?
A: Hahn public communication. I was assigned the liaison internship, so I work 2 days at our clients office, Mueller Austin. I do the typical PR internship duties— media clippings, calendar listings, social media drafts, interviewing, research and maintaining media coverage lists. I also get to work events, write short pieces for the newsletter, and brainstorm ideas with my internship coordinators. 
Q: What was the environment like there? 
A: It was very relaxed and down to earth – very Austin. The teams at both offices are very energetic and helpful. The work load varies day to day, so I never have the same day in the office.
Q: What is something you learned?
A: I learned how to clip news articles in both print and digital. I learned how to track and file all the media clips. I also learned the office environment isn’t what they teach you in class— it isn’t as scary or strict, these are people just like you!
Q: Do you have any tips for college students who are looking for internships/jobs?
A: Join a club, like PRSSA where opportunities are handed to you. Network with professionals and stay in touch, and apply for things even if you’re unsure. Go into an interview relaxed because they just just want to get to know you. They can read your resume so be personable and be yourself


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