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Wilson Bauer – OADP Analyst at JPMorgan Chase

Name: Wilson Bauer
Age: 22
College: Texas Christian University, May 2014 graduate
Company: JPMorgan Chase
Job Title: OADP Analyst
Place of residence: Dallas, Texas
Hobbies and interests: Being outdoors, traveling, current events

Q: Did you start college with a clear idea of what you wanted your major to be? If so, what did that look like and how did that change during your time in college?

A: I knew going into college that I wanted to declare a major inside of the Business school, I just wasn’t sure which one. After taking introductory accounting and finance courses, I enjoyed both so much that I decided to double major in those areas.

 Q: Can you walk me through the detailed step-by-step process that you went through to get your first job out of college?

A: I utilized two resources to apply to jobs. Those resources were company specific job boards and FrogJobs. FrogJobs is TCU’s in house job posting website.

When looking for places to apply I picked anything that was related to my major. In the beginning of the process I wanted to practice my interview skills and receive feedback on my resume. I interviewed for roughly 14 jobs and received 6 offers. The offer that I ended up accepting was my last offer and it came in late January. The start date for the position was late July.

 Q: What aspect of that process was most challenging or stressful for you? Looking back, what advice would you give to college students to make this aspect less challenging?

A: I would forget about the money when it comes to jobs. You’ll have friends that make more and friends that make less. Simply pursue the job that will give you the highest leg up in your career. Sometimes that job might not even be what you want to do but it could lead to bigger things.

Q: What was the biggest adjustment or adjustments for you going from college to full-time employment?

A: I worked and attended school so I was used to a long Monday-Friday grind. The largest adjustment was having a majority of my close friends displaced.

Q: Do you have any advice for coping with these adjustments?

A: Choose your friends wisely. The friends that will still be your friend no matter how far away they are the ones worth keeping around.

 Q: What are some of your current short-term goals?

A: I would like to be promoted to associate level within the first two years of my job. I also hope to pass CFA levels 1 and 2 in that same time period.

Q: Is there anything else about your college and career experience that you would like to add? 

A: Don’t get down about anything and always have an open mind. I know there is a lot of stress in the process but everything always seems to work itself out. I promise!

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