Making The Most Of Summer – Bucket Lists

Generally when people think of a “bucket list,” their thoughts jump to expensive vacations or adventures they can’t currently afford such as foreign travel, skydiving, swimming with sharks, or maybe even climbing Mount Everest. When creating a bucket list, it is important to have large goals that will take years to accomplish mixed with items that are inexpensive or even free and easy to attain. Identifying and then experiencing new things often allows you to fully live life now, instead of waiting 10-20 years to accomplish your goals.

Not only is it important to develop a list, it is just as critical to write each item down. Studies show people achieve more when goals are documented – whether in a journal, a phone, or in a bucket list app.

I have decided to start my own personal bucket list and can’t wait to make progress over the next year. I hope you enjoy my list below and take some time to create your own, even if it means taking a study break from all those finals!

  1. Try a new recipe each week
  2. Become an expert at InDesign and Photoshop
  3. Train for and run a half marathon by December 2015
  4. Spend 3 hours each week researching different companies, their missions, and available job openings
  5. Reach out to 1-2 companies each week to learn more
  6. Take a trip to Australia and experience the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Have brunch with friends in a new spot once every month
  8. Visit Austin’s graffiti park
  9. Go white water rafting
  10. Spend time reading the news online daily
  11. Float the river with friends
  12. Join an intramural team with girls in my sorority
  13. Overcome my fear of heights by bungee jumping
  14. Hand write a letter to a different person each week
  15. Walk at The University of Texas at Austin’s May 2016 graduation ceremony
  16. Have a job in line by the time I graduate
  17. Have 2 more internships and gain multiple skills before graduating
  18. Start a daily journal
  19. Go deep sea fishing (without getting sea sick)
  20. Read a new book for leisure every month

What are some of the items on your bucket list? We would love to hear them in the comments section below or by tagging @careeronward in a picture on Instagram with #bucketlist

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