Making The Most Of Summer – Build Skills

Throughout the school year I found myself creating a list of important skills I needed to build before graduation. I wanted to become an expert at Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Overtime I noticed that I had put building these skills on the back burner due to class, studying, group projects, work, etc. As my spring semester came to a close I decided that I needed to dedicate time each week throughout the summer to reach my goals and build these important skills. I know summer can be chaotic between going abroad, having an internship and taking summer school, but I encourage you to make a list of skills that are important to you and work towards perfecting them during your free time.

Our founder, Lori MacNeill, has suggested three websites that aid in skill building. Use them this summer to help work towards building your ideal list of skills. I know I will!


What are some skills you’ve always wanted to learn? Comment below or tag @careeronward on instagram with #buildingskills

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