Making The Most Of Summer – Volunteering

A great way to build new skills over the summer is through volunteering. It’s important to first find an organization that you are passionate about, but it’s even more important to make sure you are gaining skills that you will use in the future. We recommend that you make a list of tasks you would like to perform and present them to whichever organization you choose to volunteer for.

One of our previous Career Onward interns, Amy, is currently volunteering for an organization in Houston, Texas. She worked with our founder, Lori, to create a list of jobs she would like to do for this organization that would benefit her work in the future. She presented her list to the organization and they were more than happy to cater to the type of work she was interested in doing. In fact, they needed help in all of the areas she listed. Amy’s story showed me that there is most definitely power in asking specifically to do certain work. It will pay off in the long run and will make the experience very enjoyable.

You may already have an organization or nonprofit that you are passionate about, but if not friends, family, Google and people around your community are great resources to help you find one.

Which organizations are you passionate about volunteering for? Comment below or tag @careeronward in a picture on Instagram with #summervolunteer

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