3 Great Skills To Build This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to work on skills that will help to fulfill your career goals. Below we have highlighted three areas that you can easily brush up on during the downtime of summer. We even included free resources to help you get started. Good luck!

  1. Network!

Talk to your neighbor who has a cool job. Strike up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator. Ask your parents if you can tag along to work. You never know where a conversation or connection can lead you. It might result in your next big break!

Want to craft a 30 second intro for opportunities like this? Learn how here. Learning your 30-second intro is very important, but remember, you’re not a robot! Make it personal too, and don’t just talk about yourself. Always remember to ask questions!

  1. Excel. Learn it. Love it. Live it.

You’re probably tired of hearing people tell you this, but Excel really is as important as everyone says it is! I don’t just mean learning how to put formulas into excel, but really understanding every function, and being able to make a presentation in any format. Take your summer to develop and refine those excel skills. The best part, it is totally free! http://chandoo.org

  1. Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Hard skills are important, but learning how to speak in public is essential for long-term success! Whether it is winning over a recruiter in an interview, or pitching an idea that could win over the president of your company, you need to be able to speak in public. Here is a quick, painless, and free way to touch up on those speaking skills.

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