3 Resume Building Projects to do this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to do those side projects that you have been keeping on the backburner. Even better, you can turn those projects into resume builders that will impress recruiters! Below are 3 project ideas with free resources that will ensure they are great.


  1. Make an iPhone App

Whether you are a computer science major, a business major, a fashion design major, or anything in between, an app on your resume will definitely catch a recruiter’s eye. Even if the app does not necessarily relate to your major (bonus points if it does) recruiters will see that you are creative and took the initiative to take on a personal project. An iPhone app is the perfect talking point in any interview. Learn how to make an app here, for free.


  1. Start a Blog

If creating an app sounds daunting to you, blogging is a simpler but still great way to show your creative, passionate side to recruiters. And the best part? You are building your own personal brand. Here is a free website that can help anyone with an idea and some passion to start a blog.


  1. Learn Photoshop

Not only can “Proficient in Photoshop” make for a killer resume booster, but it can be fun! In the downtime this summer, play around with some of your old pictures and learn a great skill. Here is a great free training course that can get you started.

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