3 New Life Skills for this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to take on side projects that will look good on your resume and make you a better you! Here are 3 ideas with free resources to help you get started!


  1. Learn a language

Being fluent in another language is almost invaluable. It makes you more of an asset to a company, makes you more cultured, and can be fun! With Duolingo, you can learn an entire new language and open up hundreds of doors in your future, all for free!


  1. Invest in stocks

If you are fortunate enough to have some extra money lying around, it is time to put it to good use! Instead of buying that video game, or purse you wanted, invest that extra cash. By learning how stocks work, you will understand more about the financial world, and could even make some cash! (Just make sure you don’t blow your life savings) Investopedia has great resources to get you started.


  1. Complete a Good Cause Project

Maybe it’s a recycling program at a local school, a canned food collection in your neighborhood, or a fun run to raise money for a charity. As long as it is something that is meaningful to you, you cannot go wrong with a good cause project. Not only will your organization skills show through on your resume, but contributing to a good cause is something that you can be proud of! Here is a list of some great non-profits that you can get involved with.

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