What Company Culture Fits You Best?

What things are you looking for with company culture?

There’s been a big shift from cubicles to collaborative workspaces and 8-5pm work days in the office to flexible schedules and remote offices.

As work environments continue to evolve, it’s important for students to think about what company culture and work setting will allow them to thrive and do their best work.

Things to think about as you talk to companies and go on-site for interviews:

  • Size of the company and the office (in terms of people and space)
  • Workspaces – do they facilitate collaboration?
  • Amenities – can you get a great cup of Jo in the morning?
  • Vibe – is it casual or formal, friendly or stuffy?
  • Employees – can you see yourself spending a lot of time with them as over 30% of your life is spent at work

Remember, assessing the environment is important, as only you know where you feel most comfortable.

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