Networking – Top Priority in the Job Search Process

Growing up, my dad often communicated three valuable pieces of career advice:

  • Be curious – ask professionals what they do and why they enjoy their work
  • Ask for help and help others when asked
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated – one day they may work for you or you may work for them

Needles to say, decades later, this advice rings true.

What my father was saying is that the job search process should be social and communal, not isolating. This recent study affirms the social approach as it found that 85% of all jobs were acquired through networking.

As highlighted in the article, the key is not the quantity of the interactions but the quality. Every informational interview should have a clear purpose and a goal to move you forward. With access to 400 million professionals at your fingertips on LinkedIn, I encourage you to reach out!

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