10 Tips To Prepare For a Phone Interview

Phone interviews are often the first round of the hiring process and are typically conducted by a recruiter on the HR team. A recruiter wants to quickly assess three things within the 20-30 minute call; communication skills, experience relevant to the job, and culture/personality fit to the company. A successful phone screen interview is critical to moving forward in the hiring process so candidates are expected to have done their research and be ready to discuss the company, position, and their skills.

10 Phone Interview Tips:

  • Find a quiet place ahead of time as background noise can be a huge distraction to the interviewer
  • Check your reception beforehand and call a friend from your location to ensure you have a clear connection. Once confirmed, do not move the phone during the interview.
  • Be ready to take the call five minutes before the scheduled time. These interviews are short so you want to take advantage of every minute you have with the recruiter!
  • Research the company and role before the interview and be ready to discuss it.
  • Watch out for filler words such as “like”, “um”, and “uh” as they are more noticeable over the phone
  • Keep your stories concise using the STAR interview format as people tend to ramble over the phone
  • Do not multi-task and make sure you’re in a distraction free area
  • Put up a do-not-disturb sign on your door so you aren’t interrupted by roommates
  • Have questions ready to ask at the end of the interview
  • Send a personalized email Thank You after the interview highlighting key points that were of interest
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