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10 Ways to Network in College

One of the things I wish I had learned at freshman orientation was the importance of networking. As a matter of fact, they should teach it in high school. My first job freshman year (at a pizza joint that stayed open until 3AM) was recommended to me by a friend that already worked there, knew […]

Two Degrees or One?

That is the question. Part of the career search process is deciding what you want to do before you go job hunting. The whole point of getting a degree is to start a career, but some jobs require more than a bachelor’s degree to get there. If you’re in college, especially a senior, no doubt […]

Part 1: Career Fair Prep – Top 10 Tips

The end of my college career is near.  At this juncture, I’ve revised my resume, my CV, my online portfolio, my LinkedIn profile and my Facebook friends list, so obviously things are getting pretty serious. One of my latest career prep endeavors will be to attend a good old fashioned job fair this week. If […]

5 Tips for Finding a Mentor

My very first mentor experience was terrible. If you’re like me at all, shy and a little reserved, you understand the complexities of the words “just put yourself out there.” Don’t get me wrong, my former mentor tried the first few days after she was assigned to me, she offered to buy me lunch, suggested […]