Our Methodology

The job search process should be strategic and organized.

At Career Onward, we believe the job search process can be highly personalized, organized, and efficient. It can be targeted based on each student’s personal and professional goals which provide an exercise in personal discovery that can be both enjoyable and enlightening. We educate each student on our process, create a personalized career plan, and support each student every step of the way.

Our 8 Steps to Student Success

  1. Plan for Professional Success
  2. Explore Career Goals and Determine Priorities
  3. Create/Revise Career Assets (Resume & LinkedIn Profile)
  4. Develop Target List of Companies
  5. Produce Stand-out Communications
  6. Conduct Compelling Interviews
  7. Negotiate Offer(s)
  8. Celebrate with Family and Friends

Why Career Onward?

There is no doubt that ALMOST everything has changed for students as it relates to getting internships and jobs after graduation.

  • The hiring process has changed - it’s happening on social media

    90% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn to find future hires

  • The character and reference check process has changed – online profiles are audited

    97% of HR recruiters audit applicant social media profiles

  • The interview process has changed – it’s occurring virtually instead of face-to-face

    77% of companies conduct phone interviews, 66% use web conferencing and the number is increasing every year

  • The competition for internships and jobs has changed – there are more college graduates

    Competition for internships and jobs is fierce – over 50% of college grads are either unemployed or under-employed


70% of all jobs are found through networking, while only 11% of college students are hired through college recruiting programs

The difference: Now your profiles MUST be online, professional, and accomplishment driven so they tell your great story BEFORE you get to connect with recruiters