Career Concierge

Juniors | Seniors |New College Grads

We provide strategic counsel along with tactical details as it relates to every aspect of the job search process. This includes messaging for any type of professional interaction, a de-brief after every interview and detailed compensation research and recommendations along with negotiation training. Offers now may consist of stock options and/or bonuses, so it’s important that the student is well-versed in compensation plans to ensure the student can advocate well and maximize earnings.

This option is also great for new college grads who have not launched yet or young professionals who want to pivot. We help young professionals by taking a fresh look at their career assets and experience, and optimize them for recruiter searches and HR applicant tracking systems. We teach new graduates how to effectively communicate with employers before, during, and after each interaction.

At Career Onward, we believe that every student is not only employable, but can find a position that ties to their interests, skills, and experience with the right career plan, job search and networking strategy and career assets. We’ve proven it!

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Career Concierge Includes:

  • Online assessment to capture interests, passions and career goals
  • Custom career plan developed with recommendations, goals, and milestones
  • Reputation management audit
  • Professional resume (new or refreshed), tied to career goals, optimized for HR systems
  • Professional, 100% complete LinkedIn profile (new or refreshed), optimized for recruiter searches
  • Three cover letters customized for different job types
  • Mock interviews, tips, and feedback (in-person, Skype, and phone)
  • Personalized company targeting and networking strategy including info interviews
  • Meet-up recommendations to meet industry professionals in-person
  • Communication strategy and tips for all employer interactions
  • Compensation negotiation recommendations
  • Unlimited email access to advisors while working with Career Onward
  • Access to Career Onward Learning Center for career tips and
  • Complimentary subscription to Career Onward’s online newsletter
  • Additional in-person/web conferencing sessions available on request, hourly rate