Student Success Story

Liberal Arts Major Lands Internship With Goldman Sachs


As a fall junior at The University of Texas at Austin, this college student had great volunteer and internship experience as it related to business development, recruitment, sales, and team leadership, but lacked demonstrated quantitative and analysis skills coupled with project examples to discuss during interviews.

The student also needed to boost self-confidence since all three types of interviews; behavioral, case study, and technical would be required.

The Challenge:

Get a summer internship after junior year with a top-tier Wall St. financial services company as a Liberal Arts student with a Spanish major. The plus – he had an honors level GPA.

Our Strategy:

Career Onward created a comprehensive strategy to help the student package skills, present a professional presence online, target companies that were the best “fit” for his academic and work background, developed a list of resources for the student to access and complete over the winter holiday break, and created a mock interview schedule to increase student confidence prior to campus recruiting.

The Execution:

Using Career Onward’s custom and personalized process:

  • Resume was optimized for very specific finance internship job descriptions and applicant tracking systems
  • LinkedIn profile was updated and strategy implemented to leverage recommendations, LinkedIn groups, and connections while skills were edited to tie to internships
  • List of books, websites, and certifications were recommended and student completed all reading, classes, and testing over the winter break
  • Custom cover letters were developed for each company
  • A list of target companies was created based on academic and work experience background to apply to “best fit” companies only and geographic locations were prioritized to increase chances of success
  • Success stories were developed and packaged
  • Interview materials were provided and mock interviews conducted for all three types of interviews; behavioral, case study, and technical
  • Honest feedback was given at every stage of the process

The Result:

Our student received an internship offer with Goldman Sachs and will begin in June 2014!