Student Success Story

UT Sophomore Identifies Passion and Ties it to New Major and Internship


As a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, this college student was unsure of her college major, didn’t know if or how her volunteer experience would tie to employer skills, yet wanted a summer internship to help clarify different career options. Her strengths – great GPA and many volunteer experiences at both the high school and college level.

The Challenge:

Get a summer internship after sophomore year for a state representative or senator.

Major: Undecided, Minor: Spanish and Business Foundations Certificate from the McCombs School of Business

The Strategy:

Career Onward first helped her identify her passions – politics and the legislative process. We then educated her on career options for Government and English majors, discussed other certificate options as a new Public Policy one just launched in spring 2014, and had her meet with her Academic Advisor to finalize her new plans. We then took a multi-pronged approach to target both political internships and non-profit internships that were legislative in nature.

The Execution:

Using Career Onward’s custom and personalized process:

  • Academic plan was finalized with her advisor and she chose Government as her major due to the variety of career options and ties to her passion
  • Resume was optimized for legislative internships in government, non-profit, and corporate sectors
  • LinkedIn profile was updated and strategy implemented to leverage recommendations, LinkedIn groups, and connections while skills were edited to tie to both government and non-profit internship positions
  • Three different custom cover letters templates were developed for political, non-profit, and corporate internships
  • A list of state representatives, senators, network contacts, and non-profits was created
  • Success stories were developed and packaged for interview prep
  • Honest feedback was given at every stage of the process

The Result:

Student was successful and received an internship offer from the very first opportunity she applied to.